Have job boards and the Internet made life easier for the recruiter?

When it comes to recruiting a new member of staff, advertising the position directly via a job board or social media has become the norm. Yet the reality is that by posting an advert for a new member of your financial team, you open yourself up to a bucket-load of extra work.

You can expect to receive hundreds of applications from many candidates, with very few meeting your criteria in terms of skill set, location and salary. In order to source the few suitable candidates, you need to spend many hours sifting through the chaff.  You then need to make initial contact with each candidate and refine your selection again before you have even interviewed a single person.  And in the meantime, you still have your own job to get on with.

So is it really cost- and time-effective to rely on the Internet for your recruiting needs?  If you’re still not sure how a recruitment consultant saves you time and resources, call Paul today on 020 8532 2644.  He’ll chat through the benefits so you can make an informed decision about the right recruiting methods for you.

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