Happy new year 2014

Happy new year 2014


How was your Christmas?  All of us at Financial Staffing Solutions hope you had a fabulous time – celebrated, partied and stuffed yourselves full of delicious food and yummy chocolates!

We also wish you loads of fun this New Year’s Eve – have a fantastic evening and stay safe and happy.

A quick word of advice though… Employers frequently check out candidates’ on-line profiles before offering them a job.  So, if your new year’s resolution is to seek a new position, be careful what you post over this holiday period.  It’s expected that drunken dancing photos might appear on Facebook and attract the occasional retweet, but don’t let it go too far…  A pic of someone fallen down drunk in the gutter won’t impress any prospective employers, and (dare we say it) mishaps with clothing are an absolute no-no!  As are candid shots of anyone snogging the current boss…

Your LinkedIn profile should be absolutely professional at all times.  Make sure nothing untoward lands on this particular social media site – it’s your world-wide CV and must present you as you wish to be presented to your future employer.

So go out, have fun and party!!  Then get in touch with us next week to see what vacancies we can offer you.

Wishing you a wonderful and successful 2014; hoping all your recruitment dreams come true!


Twenty two recruitment firms have been listed among the fast-growing small- to medium-sized firms named on the London Stock Exchange as ‘1000 Companies to Inspire Britain.’

The list was based on a number of business-based factors.  As a business serving Essex, Kent and London, we pride ourselves on inspiring local people. That means motivating job applicants to understand their value and aim for the right level of employment, or helping someone to improve their CV so that interviewers have a full picture of their skills. We always ensure that the calibre of applicants we offer to each company is of the highest standard – and right for the job.

We’re also recommended for encouraging local businesses to employ local people, boosting the local economy.  And of course, if you’re seeking a job in the city, that’s no problem either.  We’re able to whittle down the list of applicants to those that are perfectly matched for the role being advertised.  So no time-wasting for the interviewers or applicants.

If you’re seeking a new job in the accounts or finance sector, call us for some inspiration today: 020 8532 2644.  Or tweet us!

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