Ten top tips for your LinkedIn profile 

At some point during your interview process, it’s likely that your prospective employer will peek at your social media profile.  After all, the way we present ourselves online gives a more realistic picture than a simple CV.  LinkedIn is the number one site for professional people – make sure you’re on it, and showing yourself at your very best.

1.      Create your profile giving as much relevant information as possible. Your summary needs to show what you can do that will benefit your next employer.

2.      Focus on an outline of your skills and avoid the mistake of describing your present firm rather than yourself.  This is about you, not them.  State clearly what your role entails but keep it concise.

3.      If you’re looking to move up the career ladder, give examples that show you’ve achieved beyond your current level.

4.      Include a photo where you’re smiling!

5.      The experience section allows you to expand on your summary information to detail what you’ve covered in your current and previous jobs.  Use lists to keep it concise and focused.

6.      Ask colleagues and clients to provide recommendations to support your profile; these are far more valuable than endorsements, which are meaningless to prospective employers.

7.      As with your CV, you must account for any gaps in your employment history.

8.      Ensure your education section is fully completed and include any business awards and accolades you’ve collected along the way – it’s surprising how many people fail to mention them.

9.      Be selective about what you post – this isn’t Facebook and statuses should be professional at all times.

10.  Remember, your goal is to set yourself apart from everyone else and show that you’ve got an edge.

Your LinkedIn profile should reflect a superb CV.  If you need a little extra help to sharpen them up, call us for advice on 020 8532 2644 and don’t forget to connect with us on Linkedin.


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