The End of the Financial Year – How to Stay Motivated & Productive

It’s that time of year again when businesses are gearing up for the end of the financial year. As an Accountant or Finance professional, this will probably mean that you’re having to manage your time more effectively in order to take on a heavier workload and meet tighter deadlines. To help you survive this busy season, we’ve compiled 5 top picks to help you save time and stay motivated!

7 Tips and 3 Jokes to Help Accountants Survive Busy Season

Busy Season. Mention of the words raises the blood pressure level of every public accountant and tax professional. The long hours, tight deadlines, and constant pressure can be grueling. You well know, it starts around mid-January and lasts through April 15 th. Thank goodness it’s already March!

If it’s efficiencies that you require, the next two posts provide some useful Excel tips to help you speed through your worksheets and fix hidden errors:

4 Excel Tricks for Accountants

Whether you work for a public accounting firm or are an accountant at a company, Microsoft Excel is likely an essential part of the work you perform. While I worked in public accounting, I used excel on a daily basis for numerous work assignments.

How to debug Excel spreadsheets

CPAs are often tasked with vetting or working with numbers in a spreadsheet. And while accountants are well-trained to identify and correct accounting errors, spreadsheets bring the danger of many other types of errors. Field audit results compiled by University of Hawaii professor and spreadsheet expert Ray Panko showed errors in 88% of 113 spreadsheets audited between 1995 and 2007.

Or perhaps you’re looking to achieve better time-management? This post shares some tried and tested techniques from seasoned Accountants:

What Tax Accountants Know About Surviving Life’s Busy Seasons

Accounting can be a great profession for work/life balance overall. However, as any accountant knows, that is not the case during “busy season” (often from January to March for auditors, or into April for those dealing with taxes). Long hours are the norm.

Last but not least, whilst productivity is key during this time, this shouldn’t be to the detriment of your own health. Here are some all-important tips for staying healthy and achieving a better work-life balance during tax season:


Tax season is synonymous for most accounting professionals with long hours and stressful days. But stress can lead to burnout, relationship trouble at home and even increased risk of getting sick. With some planning, you can take care of yourself, spend time with your family and provide exceptional service to your clients.

We hope you find these posts useful – and of course if you’re thinking of making a career move, feel free to call us, we’d be delighted to help.

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