How to Create a Top Notch Resume

Your resume is likely to be the first chance you get to impress a prospective employer. So it’s no surprise that many jobseekers feel like their resume is never quite up to scratch. Getting it right takes time, patience and research. To help get you started, we’ve picked three articles that will help you avoid the most common mistakes and allow you to focus your time on producing a standout resume!

Even a fabulous resume isn’t guaranteed to land you a job; but a poorly done resume will cost you opportunities” – this quote says it all. When writing your resume, it’s important not to make any assumptions about the hiring or screening process as this will invariable impact upon how you write your resume and could therefore cost you opportunities. Check out this post for the three most common assumptions jobseekers make when writing their resume.

3 Assumptions You Should Never Make About Your Resume – The Savvy Intern by YouTern

Job seekers make assumptions about many aspects of their job search. In the long run, many of those assumptions are wrong… and can mean a much longer job search. True: even a fabulous resume isn’t guaranteed to land you a job; but a poorly done resume will cost you opportunities.


It isn’t you. It’s your resume” – it’s easy to have your confidence knocked when you don’t hear back from applications, but have you thought that rather than it being because of you, it could be your resume? You know what you can bring to the table, but that doesn’t mean others will if you’re not communicating this effectively. Don’t let these resume mistakes hinder your chances of making a great first impression:

7 Resume Mistakes Almost Everyone Makes | CAREEREALISM

Have you been sending your resume but not getting interviews? Chances are-it isn’t you. It’s your resume. See if you’re making any of these resume mistakes: Related: The Top 3 Resume Improvements Everyone Needs Now Unless you are a C-Level executive or have lots of publications, your resume should be no longer than two pages.


It’s quite normal for jobseekers to want to include every last detail about themselves in their resume. If you include all your best achievements and skills and ram your resume full of relevant experience, then surely there’s no reason that you won’t make it through to interview stage, right? Wrong. Most employers only spend 1-2 minutes scanning a resume (some even less than that!), so if yours is full of dense paragraphs, employers are going to find it hard to pick out your most relevant attributes. This third and final pick offers some top tips for keeping your resume succinct, whilst including all the essential information:

Top 3 Tips to Super Charge your CV

Whether you’re fresh out of university or planning a career change, writing a CV can be challenging. How long should it be? What information should you include or omit? Here are three tips to help you create a super-charged CV.

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