Brushing up your interview skills with sunshine and a smile

When we’re interviewed, the other person subconsciously only listens to 7% of what we’re saying!  What??!  I can almost hear your disbelief from our Essex offices.  But it’s true.  93% of the message we deliver is via body language.  So if you’re being interviewed for one of our financial roles, it’s crucial to aware of what you’re really telling your prospective boss.

Maintain an easy, friendly stance by following these top three simple rules:

  • Keep your hands on the table or on your lap and avoid fidgeting
  • Stay in control of your tone of voice and try not to speak too quickly
  • Most importantly – smile!

And if you’re the one doing the interviewing, bear in mind that the candidate is likely to be nervous.  Spend a few minutes making them feel relaxed by chatting about something in their comfort zone.  A simple question about their journey or the oh-so-typical weather usually does the trick, followed by an introduction to something outstanding on their CV.

Watch them become relaxed and animated as they discuss things they’re passionate and knowledgeable about; hone in on those topics to create a more dynamic interview that will allow you to bring out their personality.  After all, as well as someone with the right skills or experience, you’re looking for someone you’ll really enjoy working with.

If you’re seeking a new job in the accountancy or financial field and would like to brush up on your interview skills, give us a call on 020 8532 2644.

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