Imagine landing your dream job and helping others to land theirs, all thanks to you!

We’re thrilled to offer a fantastic opportunity to join our recruitment team in East London/Essex.   And the great news is…. You don’t need recruitment experience!!

The door has opened for a trainee consultant to learn the business – and we’re looking for someone who’s hungry for success.  In return, you’ll receive a competitive starting salary with uncapped commission and a first class training package.

The job involves using your sales and networking skills to liaise with clients and potential clients, then find the best candidates to meet their recruitment needs. You’ll interview the candidates, arrange their interviews, provide feedback and follow the whole process through from start to finish.

You’ll start with a huge advantage if you have sales experience or knowledge of the accountancy, banking, legal or IT sectors.  They’re the industries we recruit for.  But even if you don’t, and you can show us that you’re charismatic, a brilliant communicator and results-driven, we’d love to chat.  After all, with confidence, commitment and enthusiasm you could have the makings of a first class recruitment consultant!

Call Paul Gladstone today on 020 8532 2644


Local job, city salary

You may already know that we’re recruiting a consultant to join our successful team in Chigwell.  In fact, we’re seeking TWO more people to come on board and give their careers a rocket launch.

Why Chigwell?  Being on the edge of the hustle and bustle means we have more quality time to interview candidates and build relationships with our vast client base.  Our lovely offices are well located right by the central line, with fast and easy access into town.  So one day we might be taking a leisurely drive through beautiful countryside to visit clients in the heart of Essex, and the next we’re whizzing up to Liverpool Street to provide our first class service to our clients there. Just 30 minutes door-to-door gives us valuable time to review CVs and match them to job specs.

A good deal of our clients are in docklands, the city and dotted around the west end, so we enjoy the dynamism of the capital when we visit, without the stress of the regular rush hour commute.  Doesn’t that sound great?

So if you’re an experienced recruitment consultant ready to take a step up, earn a city salary from the lovely suburbs and bring a new level of excellence to the business, call us today!

We’re offering…

  • An excellent package, with a competitive starting salary and benefits
  • Uncapped commission
  • Ongoing training and career development
  • The opportunity to run your own team
  • Share option plan

Please send your CV to Paul Gladstone at paul@staffingsolutions.co.uk, or call 020 8532 2644 to find out more.



As our success at placing staff in financial positions has increased, so must our happy team!

So we’re pleased to announce that we’re now recruiting for a senior consultant to join us in Chigwell – right opposite the central line tube station.

Ok, time to blow our own trumpets…!!  As a specialist financial recruitment consultancy, we’re proud of our impressive array of clients – commercial, public practice, legal and insolvency. We provide them with a service that’s nothing less than excellent – and the same goes for our candidates. Registering with us means exposure to the top jobs in the best firms, plus the help jobseekers may need to succeed: interview practice, CV writing, professional appearance and so on.

The person who joins us will be fantastic at building business relationships, great at negotiating and determined to succeed.  Is it you?

This is what we’re offering…

  • An excellent package, with a competitive starting salary and benefits
  • Uncapped commission
  • Ongoing training and career development
  • The opportunity to run your own team
  • Share option plan

Fancy it?  Well, if you’re currently working in recruitment and ready to climb the career ladder, we’d love to chat to you.  Our established brand and access to our extensive client and candidate database are just waiting for a super-smart, experienced person, ready to jump on board and watch their career soar. Is that you?

If you have a history of success within the industry, particularly with experience in accountancy or IT, call us today! If you’re still reading, we hope it’s you!  (And if it’s not you, but you know someone who might be interested, feel free to share.)

Please send your CV to Paul Gladstone at paul@staffingsolutions.co.uk, or call 020 8532 2644 to find out more.



Ten top tips for your LinkedIn profile 

At some point during your interview process, it’s likely that your prospective employer will peek at your social media profile.  After all, the way we present ourselves online gives a more realistic picture than a simple CV.  LinkedIn is the number one site for professional people – make sure you’re on it, and showing yourself at your very best.

1.      Create your profile giving as much relevant information as possible. Your summary needs to show what you can do that will benefit your next employer.

2.      Focus on an outline of your skills and avoid the mistake of describing your present firm rather than yourself.  This is about you, not them.  State clearly what your role entails but keep it concise.

3.      If you’re looking to move up the career ladder, give examples that show you’ve achieved beyond your current level.

4.      Include a photo where you’re smiling!

5.      The experience section allows you to expand on your summary information to detail what you’ve covered in your current and previous jobs.  Use lists to keep it concise and focused.

6.      Ask colleagues and clients to provide recommendations to support your profile; these are far more valuable than endorsements, which are meaningless to prospective employers.

7.      As with your CV, you must account for any gaps in your employment history.

8.      Ensure your education section is fully completed and include any business awards and accolades you’ve collected along the way – it’s surprising how many people fail to mention them.

9.      Be selective about what you post – this isn’t Facebook and statuses should be professional at all times.

10.  Remember, your goal is to set yourself apart from everyone else and show that you’ve got an edge.

Your LinkedIn profile should reflect a superb CV.  If you need a little extra help to sharpen them up, call us for advice on 020 8532 2644 and don’t forget to connect with us on Linkedin.


Happy new year 2014

Happy new year 2014


How was your Christmas?  All of us at Financial Staffing Solutions hope you had a fabulous time – celebrated, partied and stuffed yourselves full of delicious food and yummy chocolates!

We also wish you loads of fun this New Year’s Eve – have a fantastic evening and stay safe and happy.

A quick word of advice though… Employers frequently check out candidates’ on-line profiles before offering them a job.  So, if your new year’s resolution is to seek a new position, be careful what you post over this holiday period.  It’s expected that drunken dancing photos might appear on Facebook and attract the occasional retweet, but don’t let it go too far…  A pic of someone fallen down drunk in the gutter won’t impress any prospective employers, and (dare we say it) mishaps with clothing are an absolute no-no!  As are candid shots of anyone snogging the current boss…

Your LinkedIn profile should be absolutely professional at all times.  Make sure nothing untoward lands on this particular social media site – it’s your world-wide CV and must present you as you wish to be presented to your future employer.

So go out, have fun and party!!  Then get in touch with us next week to see what vacancies we can offer you.

Wishing you a wonderful and successful 2014; hoping all your recruitment dreams come true!


Twenty two recruitment firms have been listed among the fast-growing small- to medium-sized firms named on the London Stock Exchange as ‘1000 Companies to Inspire Britain.’

The list was based on a number of business-based factors.  As a business serving Essex, Kent and London, we pride ourselves on inspiring local people. That means motivating job applicants to understand their value and aim for the right level of employment, or helping someone to improve their CV so that interviewers have a full picture of their skills. We always ensure that the calibre of applicants we offer to each company is of the highest standard – and right for the job.

We’re also recommended for encouraging local businesses to employ local people, boosting the local economy.  And of course, if you’re seeking a job in the city, that’s no problem either.  We’re able to whittle down the list of applicants to those that are perfectly matched for the role being advertised.  So no time-wasting for the interviewers or applicants.

If you’re seeking a new job in the accounts or finance sector, call us for some inspiration today: 020 8532 2644.  Or tweet us!


We’ve had some excellent feedback from our recent blog giving you advice on body language during your interview.  So, we thought we’d follow this up with these hilarious job interview tips by a super-funny man named Michael Spicer, which he originally posted on his own blog and we shared from www.accountingbites.com.

  • Bring a box to the interview, point at it and say “I do all my thinking outside of that.” Then open some champagne.
  • When asked if you want anything to drink, say “Just a glass of job please!” Then laugh for 15 minutes. No less.
  • When shown to the interview room, walk further up the corridor & say “I always go the extra mile!” Then click your heels.
  • Show you give 110% by pouring 10% too much water into your glass. Smile knowingly.
  • Wear a sock puppet on one hand, make it whisper in your ear and say “What’s that, Mr Wuzzles? I seem ideal for the job?”
  • Loosen your tie as you enter & say “Phew! Is it me or did it get 100% more dynamic in here?” Then reverse high five them.
  • Tell them you won’t need a lunch hour because you’re powered by results. Then make a powerboat noise for about 8 minutes.
  • Dress as an American footballer to show you’re a team player. And have ‘Sustained Growth’ written on your football.
  • Show you’re a fast learner by wearing an L plate round your neck & a Usain Bolt face-mask. Don’t speak. They’ll get it.
  • When asked if YOU have a question, reply “Where do you see YOURSELF in 5 years’ time, nosey?” Laugh. Pass around some mints.
  • When asked where you see yourself in 5 years, say “owner of a B&B for cats” and tap your nose like you know the market.
  • Give your interviewer a hollow pork pie. Then lean back and say “That’s your company – I’m your pork.”
  • Get a friend to call you during the interview and say “I can’t talk now, I’m on a date. With destiny!” then wink at them.
  • Guarantee a second interview by wearing clown shoes at the first interview and not mentioning it until the second interview.
  • Know the interviewer’s name and use it during the interview. If you’re not sure what it is, call them “Jobsy” or “Jobbo”.
  • Tattoo your limitations down one arm. Interviewers admire honesty.
  • As you walk to the interview room with the interviewer, try to make small talk such as “You look like my real father.”

Brilliant – advice, although not for when you’re at an interview arranged by Financial Staffing Solutions…

We do love this, but for some real advice on performing a knockout interview, call us on 020 8532 2644.



First impressions count!  Our body language can be make or break us when it comes to meeting someone for the first time.  However confident and well-spoken you are, poor body language will work against you in an interview.  You want to avoid any chance of being misinterpreted, so follow these simple dos and don’ts to ensure you stand out – for the right reasons.


A firm handshake shows confidence.


  • Look your interviewer in the eye and smile as you extend your hand.  This shows that you feel confident, even if you really don’t.
  • Hold firmly.  A weak handshake gives the impression that you’re timid and insecure.


  • Squeeze so hard that they yelp in pain.
  • Over-enthusiastically bounce their arm up and down.


We don’t generally think about our posture as we’re simply sitting or standing, but this can project how confident we feel and how engaged we are in the conversation. It also helps to build rapport between you and your interviewer.


  • Aim to sit with your lower back touching the back of the chair and your feet firmly on the floor.  This gives a professional and confident start to the interview.
  • Lean forward slightly towards your interviewer.  This shows that you’re interested in what they’re saying.
  • Keep your hands in your lap.


  • Slump – it’s unprofessional and gives the impression that you’re not interested.
  • Lean too far forward – they’ll think you can’t wait to get away.
  • Cross your arms or put your hands in your pockets. You don’t want to appear stiff and unfriendly.
  • Get too relaxed, you can end up looking unprofessional.  For example, avoid putting your ankle on your other knee. This could be interpreted as laziness.
  • Rock backwards and forwards in your chair – they’ll think you need to go to the loo.

Eye Contact

There’s a fine line between eye contact that builds rapport and that which makes the other person feel uncomfortable.


  • Maintain eye contact during conversations (eight seconds is good), then briefly glance away.
  • Look up from your note-taking (if you’re taking notes) when the interviewer asks you a question or they’re explaining something.


  • Avoid looking at your interviewer.
  • Look at your hands as you’re talking
  • Stare at your interviewer without taking a break – you’ll freak them out.


The speed, tone and pitch at which you speak contributes to the impression you give.


  • Speak in your normal voice – friendly, knowledgeable and as confident as possible.
  • Vary your tone and pitch, you don’t want to come across as boring and you do want to emphasize certain points about why they should choose you.
  • Try to control your voice. If you are nervous, take a deep breath to help you relax before speaking.


  • Speak too fast.  Jabbering can make you hard to understand and you will appear nervous.
  • Sound apologetic or defensive, as this shows you feel insecure.


Use your body language to show you’re engaging with, and feel connected to, your interviewer.


  • Nod your head to show you agree and understand what they’re saying.
  • Tilt your head slightly to show you’re listening carefully.
  • Be aware of fidgeting and try to control it.
  • Use your hands to emphasise points you feel passionate about.
  • Mirror your interviewer’s body language.  This is something we do naturally when we build a rapport with someone.  To speed things along, make a conscious effort to adopt a similar pose.


  • Bob your head up and down constantly, as that could seem like you’re just agreeing with everything and not actually listening to them.
  • Wave your arms around like a windmill.
  • Play with your hair, drum on the desktop or tap your feet.   These sort of actions are conscious, we’re not always aware we’re doing them.  But they are distractions and may be seen as signs you are bored or have trouble focusing.
  • Keep touching your nose – it’s a sign you may be lying.
  • Copy everything they do – that’s just creepy!

Your interviewer’s body language

Building rapport is a two way street.  Reading your interviewer’s body language can give you an idea about how he or she is responding to you. As the mood relaxes, does their body language adapt to mirror yours?

Following these simple guidelines will give you a head start in the confidence stakes.  Call us today on 020 8532 2644 if you would like a more personalised coaching session to ensure you perform to superstar standard in your next interview!


A new employment status has come into force that allows employees to give up some of their rights in exchange for company shares.

Anyone can apply to be an ‘employee shareholder,’ under the new rules, although no-one can be forced to change their employment status.

If you are currently an employee, to qualify, you must receive at least £2,000 worth of shares.  In exchange, you will give up certain rights, such as the ability to claim unfair dismissal (apart from on grounds of discrimination or health and safety), statutory redundancy pay and requests for flexible working.

The Chancellor set the ball rolling for the new status last year, believing that owner-employee contracts would be the way forward for fast-growing firms.  But, so far, there’s been little interest from businesses and employees.

It seems that the legal sector, as one example, fears it could create a two-tier workforce, distancing staff who hold a stake in the company from employees who retain their traditional employment rights.

It’s been suggested that introducing this legislation is taking Britain back to pre-1963, before statutory employment rights were introduced.  So, if you are an employee facing this decision, you should consider the risks before joining the scheme.

Tax implications exist for both you and your employer, so make sure you receive advice from an independent adviser.  (The company has to pay for that advice, whether or not you accept the job.)

As recruitment specialists in the financial field, we have a strong professional network, and we’ll be happy to introduce you to an adviser if you don’t already know someone.  Or, if you’re seeking a new job and you want to find out more about this employee shareholder status, feel free to give us a call and we’ll chat through your options.


Congratulations to Nordens, one of the fastest-growing accountancy practices in London – and one of our favourite clients!

The Woodford-based firm has been named as a finalist in the country’s foremost accountancy competition:  The British Accountancy Awards 2013, organised by Accountancy Age in association with ACCA.  And not only that… they’ve been shortlisted TWICE!!

Nordens is officially one of the top five firms in Greater London, and Joe Sword has been named as a finalist for New Accountant of the Year.  Considering there are more than 8400 accountancy practices in the region, that’s really something!

We are so proud to be involved with the firm.   Having supplied all levels of accountancy staff over the past few years we’ve built up an incredible relationship with the team and like to think that our recruitment service has contributed a little bit to their success.

So if you would like a chance to be employed with a highly recognised firm such as Nordens, or you’re an accountancy practice hoping to follow in their successful footsteps, get in touch today.  You can reach un on 020 532 2644.

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